SURVEILLANCE Surveillance is the close observation of a person, place, or object. It is the practice of watching a subject in order to document and identify any of the contact, interactions, or whereabouts of the subject. Surveillance is conducted to prevent crime, to obtain evidence of a crime, to obtain evidence in civil suits, to document an individual’s location, to document activities in or around a specific location or building, to obtain information to be used in an interrogation, to gather intelligence, or to obtain information to be used in court
IINFIDELITY INVESTIGATIONS There are various reasons why you should contract ours private investigator. These may include the following: adultery, gathering divorce evidence, pre-marital investigation, paternity investigation and concealed assets. Let our private investigators help you find the evidence you need to win court trials. All assignments will include a professionally written report as well as video evidence. All investigators are capable and eager to testify in court on the results of our investigations.
CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATIONS In case of a divorce or separation, child custody investigation can help make sure that the child involved stay safe. A child custody investigator can help to determine what the child’s experience is like with a custodial or non-custodial parent. Investigations of such sometimes reveal chronic neglect, child abuse, or parental alcoholism and/or drug abuse. If you need to know, a private investigator or qualified child custody investigator can tell you the truth and can save your child’s life. Ours investigators may use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent is with the child. Investigators will document or video any abuse or neglect that they see and along with gathering other evidence that suggests whether the child is being treated well or not. Investigators also question the parents about their parenting the child. Additionally, investigators may speak to witnesses or may solicit witnesses for the court on behalf of the parents.


SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS Social media websites have become the go to place to go for our investigators. Oftentimes, people will boast about the crimes they have committed on their social media sites, 
or post pictures showing themselves participating in physical activities that contradict their claims of suffering from a serious and debilitating injury.
MISTERY SHOPPERS Mystery shoppers may go to stores, restaurants, banks, customer service locations, (or visit online or by phone) and pose as regular customers. When they leave, they complete questionnaires or other such instruments that have been custom-designed for the mystery shopping client. Shoppers serve as the eyes and ears for those clients as part of their efforts to enhance the quality of the customer overall experience. Many times, the information collected during mystery shopping is used to help the clients improve training programs, better articulate expectations of their staff, and otherwise improve the ways in which the client serves its customers.
PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING OR TENANT BACKGROUND CHECK Background checks are often requested by employers or property management companies for job candidates or a tenant. Employment screening for candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport etc. Background checks can be expensive depending on the information requested. Results of a background check typically include: Subject information, marriage/divorce records, past employment verification, criminal history, driver license information, professional licenses, properties, judgments, lawsuits and much more. Employers have an obligation to make sure their work environment is safe for all employees and helps prevent other employment problems in the workplace.
LOCATE PERSON / WITNESS Our Person location service can effectively pinpoint the current address of a person anywhere in the United States. We can locate lost friends, loved ones, deadbeats, missing persons, someone who has skipped out to avoid a creditor or legal obligation. On the other hand, maybe you need to find someone who has wronged you in one way or another. Perhaps you need to locate someone who owes you money, or has done something to someone you know. Atom Investigative Group tackles these types of cases with much dedication. Although the person’s full name, date of birth and last known address are helpful, we can start with very limited information if necessary
Our GPS Tracking service is the most accurate and powerful locator service. Using the latest GPS tracking technology lets you: • Find family members on a map • See places frequently visited by your spouse • Know when your family is safe or needs help • Receive alerts when family members reach specified locations

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