Rafael Irazabal Has 24 years of law enforcement and intelligence experience with the Venezuelan National Police and has a degree in Criminology. In his duties with the Venezuelan National Police, Irazabal attended several international training courses, including the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, the Louisiana State Police Training Academy in Baton Rouge, LA, and the Israeli Security & Defense Systems training course in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Irazabal retired from the Venezuelan National Police in 2004 and has dedicated himself to a second career as a licensed private investigator, focusing on surveillance, witness statements and executive protection. Dan Goldberg Is an Israeli native and former member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Goldberg has participated in covert missions and several high profile cases and has worked closely with Israeli Intelligence Agencies. He is trained in combat, surveillance, weaponry and reconnaissance technology for special operations in urban and rural terrains. After relocating to the United States in 1998, Goldberg's experience and training with the IDF has given him a firm edge with Security and Investigations. He is an expert in surveillance, particularly in the use of technology based covert surveillance and is well trained in Executive Protection. Luis Linares Has 10 years’ experience in investigations and security and is a certified instructor with the NRA and ASP. Linares experience includes working executive protection on high profile details including Vice Presidential Candidate Rep. Dick Gephardt, Security Lead Billboard Music Awards, Security Team Lead Hurricane Ike Rapid Response Team, and Shift Leader Hurricane Katrina Rapid Response Team. Linares was a Maritime Anti-Terror & Basic Security Instructor for Carnival Cruise Lines and has previously served as Agency Manager and Senior Investigator in previous positions with investigative agencies. Linares is an experienced investigator and is an expert at surveillance and witness statements. Alberto Behrens Worked for United Airlines security department detecting forged documents and as a liaison between the airline and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the Maiquetia airport in Venezuela. Mr. Behrens has worked VIP protection for dignitaries and celebrities in the United States, London and Canada. Has worked as a security supervisor for GARDA Armored Security in Miami and now is a private investigator licensed by the state of Florida, with experience in Worker Compensation Fraud, insurance fraud and various domestic cases.